I’m on a journey. Come along with me.

The sketches are all my own. They are drawn on the fly – sometimes while I’m writing the post, sometimes the day after.

Sometimes bare posts will appear, with no sketch to accompany them, because I’m short of time or have no access to my tablet. These might get sketched up later, or they might stay bare if no picture comes to mind.

I won’t try any explanation of the text here: frankly, I’m not always sure myself what it’s about, and even where I am, I prefer it to stand alone. If you start a discussion in the comments about a meaning you see in it, I might join in.

      • Read my blog and there are some directions. Of course, you do not have to do it if you do not want to. I just wanted to acknowledge your creativity on your blog!

      • Have been thinking about this but do not yet have a list of 15 blogs to recommend. However, I do thank you very much for the nomination.

    • I draw things. Does that make me an artist? I suppose so. I’m not professional.

      Or not a professional artist, at least. I’m a professional ship designer, for what it’s worth.

      • Oh, and thank you – it’s lovely to be encouraged!

      • Wow – that’s great and fascinating work! We are all artists really if we let ourselves be! Happy to meet you. It took me a lifetime to call myself an artist. Way too long. Embrace it if it gives you joy!

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